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Allow Us To Be Your Guide On Your Healing Journey

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massage therapy

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stretch therapy

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Passionate and Compassionate we are here to help you find your own path to wellness and work with you to create a personalized wellness plan for you.  We offer a multi-faceted approach to finding your individual path to maximized health, movement and pain relief.   

We can help you seek relief from chronic pain, get a better night sleep

or simply maintain your current state of good health.

Who knows? You may even pick up a few yards on your drives.  

As an avid, competitive golfer and multi-sport athlete, Rhino has spent over a decade and an unspeakable amount of money searching the globe to find the most effective and efficient ways to train the body and mind for peak performance.  Along the way, Rhino has found a path to lasting relief  from chronic pain brought about by his active lifestyle. 

The list of professional golfers, PGA Instructors, physical therapists,   fitness trainers, and massage therapists Rhino has studied with on his journey reads like a Who's Who of the Sports and Golfing Worlds.  


Rhino has dedicated himself to the study of massage therapy, stretching, myo-fascial release, and certified personal training all of which are supported through energy work.  As a Licensed Massage Therapist (PA MSG#012419) Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Titleist Performance Institute certification, Rhino has developed a multi-disciplinary approach that can be customized for your body type and your lifestyle.  


Passionate. Dedicated. Determined. Undeterred.  Everyone at Massage Garage endeavors to help you find your own path to wellness. We can help you seek relief from acute or chronic pain, get a better night sleep. enhance performance or simply maintain your current state of good health.  


We support you through thorough and on-going  assessment, customized programming and advanced therapeutic massage, stretching and strengthening technologies.  Together we can find your individual path to maximized health, movement and pain relief.  Allow us to be your guide on your individual journey towards maximum wellness.

Quantum physics asserts that everything that exists is composed of energy.  Reiki is the ancient Japanese art of assisting the movement of that energy through you and allowing the release of blocked energy that builds up over time from limiting emotions like the stress, anxiety, depression and anger that we all experience at one time or another.  


Reiki is not a religion and has no religious affiliation.  Rather, it is an approach to healing through the positively directed energy that already exists all around us.  It has no contraindications and will not interfere with any medical conditions.   I use the blended Eastern and Western approach to the Reiki system with an emphasis on the traditional system. This allows me to be a conduit for healing energy that flows through to unblock and release the troubles you may be experiencing and allow you to feel more at peace.  Reiki can also help relieve symptoms of PTSD.


Since childhood, Carrie has experienced energy with great sensitivity and witnessed the healing power of touch firsthand.  For years, the devastating illness of her beloved cousin in Atlanta, GA regularly left her feeling helpless and frustrated that she could not do anything to help or make a difference.  Carrie's instincts and intuition led her to the Center for True Health in New York City where she studied the history and traditional techniques of the system of Reiki, the ancient Japanese art of healing.  It was there that Carrie developed her natural gift and spiritual partnership with the energy that is within us and around us. 


As a Reiki III Master, Carrie offers stress and anxiety relief under her care to promote healing from within and opens the path for your best self to come through again for you and your loved ones.   Carrie practices self-care regularly in order to promote her own physical and mental wellness so that she can bring the best of herself  to her daily life, her family and to you.  Carrie's lineage of learning is listed below in relation to Reiki's founder, Mikao Usui. 


Clients can expect to remain clothed throughout their session and they can choose to receive Reiki through hands-on (touch) or hands-off to accommodate their own comfort level.    Don't live in the Lehigh Valley?  Can't make it to the office?  Carrie offers Distance Reiki as well. 



1602 Stefko Boulevard

Bethlehem PA 18017 

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